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Craft Master

The application gives you access to all lessons from the PhiBrows course, consisting of video materials, 2D animations, and texts lustrated with images. The application contains 12 levels through which each student must pass to receive the certificate of successful course completion. In each level, exercises you send in the form of photos are evaluated.

Key benefits from learning microblading with the Craft Master application are:

● Saving traveling costs
● Saving your precious time
● Practicing whenever and wherever you want
● Obtaining precise and dedicated guidance from a supervising master

The students send their works which are graded until they get a certificate one day. The application contains different courses, skills, lessons and the students have to pass each level, step by step, to obtain the certificate. The application contains lectures
with hours of video material and hundreds of pictures that help students learn everything, they need to know about the different techniques. It is supported by the Craft Master official technician, chemist, lawyer, and doctor for all the students’ questions. The Craft Master also contains community part: chat, forum,
shops, everything that a member of the Craft Master community needs.

You can download the Craft Master App anytime on Google PlayStore or App Store.

Top 5


Advantages Of Learning Online


Going the online route can significantly cut the cost. Also, since you learn online and from the comfort of your own home, you won’t need to pay for room and board.


Taking a class online means that you can read and learn the material and do the work on your own time. Doing course work on your own means less pressure to keep up with other students in the class since you’ll be working individually rather than in a group.


Hop online at any time and check
out what assignment is due next or what chapters you need to read. With the flexibility of online classes, you can prioritize your time and work at your own pace.

If you are still wondering what this is all about - let’s simplify it: In these courses, you are getting educated by one of the best experts in PhiBrows microblading technique in your country!

Who is that person?

Suriani Wong

Started her career in semi-permanent makeup and microneedling in 2016, Suriani Wong, who is an Indonesian residing in Karachi, has become the pioneer of the Serbian based international beauty institute and manufacturer, Phi Academy, in Pakistan. She has achieved excellence in the techniques of: PhiBrows, PhiContour, PhiLips, Powderbrows, PhiAreola and Microneedling. She has been appointed Master for Pakistan by this academy for all these techniques in just 4 years since she started and is now able to provide Pakistani permanent makeup artists and beauticians with international certifications by PhiAcademy. As a community service, Master Suriani is well known as a voluteer for Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF) burn survivors, for the recontruction of their eyebrows and lips. The highlight of her work for DSF was presented at the Phi Masterclass Belgrade in 2018. She has also created her own medical tattooing lip technique for scars called ScarLips, in the hope that this technique can help more people with such conditions gain their confidence back.





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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when will I be ready for work?

In just a few months, you will be ready for your first client and your first payment. This means that after the 2-day course, you will have to practice a little more and learn how to create the best shape and brow look for your client. Of course, you will be mentored by your master through all that learning process so that you know you are doing microblading in the best possible way because PhiAcademy makes only professionals who do their work perfectly! In a short amount of time, you will become your own provider, working your way up and upgrading your career to be one of the best Boldbrow masters in your country!

PhiBrows courses require much more than just an investment in time and money. This means that after the 2-day course, you will have to put aside a significant amount of time for practice. The aim of the 2-day course is not to train you to start working straight away but rather to teach you how to practice PhiBrows. The average time necessary to gain these skills in between 2 and 3 months of practice and communication with a Master.

In Pakistan, Artists charge around 350 € per treatment, while Royal Artists charge around 500 € per treatment.

Do you know this is a viral treatment all over the world? It is, but that doesn’t mean you can just wait for them to find you! You need to step up and promote your work and your skill, and luckily for you, PhiAcademy is there to help you!

Believe it or not, it is a matter of months! In just a few months of your work, you will return all investments on the course. So for the cost of —- you don’t just get educated, you get a business that is only growing, an opportunity for development and personal growth, and more importantly, it pays off quickly!

You do not need previous experience to enroll in the BoldBrows course, nor do you need background knowledge in cosmetics and cosmetic treatments. Every student has to start at the lowest level, no matter if they are doctors, lawyers, graphic designers, estheticians or don’t have any previous work experience. With the BoldBrows course, you’ll get a free Skin Expert course as well. 

That means that everybody needs to get educated, and everybody gets the chance to change their life!

You can always offer your services in nearby salons, agreeing that the owner of the salon will get a certain percentage of the income you’ll get by doing treatments. In case microblading is just a way to get extra income, you can be sure that the people you are currently working with will become your first clients.

The following step will show how have most beauty artists become successful in their business:

Step 1: Offer your services in nearby salons, agreeing that the owner of the salon will get a certain percentage of the income you’ll get by doing treatments. This way, both sides are happy and earning money.

Step 2: Register a beauty salon in a separate room in your home, which has been specially adapted for the treatments. This kind of service is particularly popular with clients, because they feel more comfortable and have a casual relationship with beauty artists. This specially adapted space for Microblading is great for beginners, because they won’t have any employees nor strict working hours, and they can be free to work in other salons as well.

Step 3: Opening your own salon. Bear in mind that the location of your salon isn’t crucial for your treatments. It doesn’t have to be on a busy street – it can be in your own home as well. With this in mind, you’ll have all the benefits mentioned in step 2.

We’ll also mention that in each country there are specific rules and conditions you have to fulfill in order to open your salon, so you should do some research as well.

  • Any adult that signed up for a course can become a student.
  • The student can become an Artist when they’ve passed all levels of a course.
  • A Royal Artist is an Artist with at least 6 months of experience, whose work has reached the level of perfection. All Masters of this technique in the Academy vote to assign this title. A Royal Artist has an extremely professional relationship with their clients and colleagues. A Royal Artist can monitor other Artist and earn some additional income.
  • Any Royal Artist can become a Master Assistant when they’ve completed a certain amount of monitoring, set by the Academy.
  • A Craft Master may become a person who has been a Master Assistant for at least 6 months. The Master Assistant with the greatest number of monitorings in his/her country of residence becomes a Craft Master.
  • Any Craft Masters or Master Assistants can become Grand Masters. To reach this title, a person has to contribute and create new skills and techniques which haven’t existed before in the PhiAcademy. Their work has to be recognizable in professional circles. Having a Grand Master title will allow you to appoint your Masters in the entire world.